RallyCross 2018

Talons driving & race center, was created to offer 4x4 & SUV enthusiast affordable racing,

rallying and adventure.

Where you can have fun racing, without spending tons of money in a safe & legal manner.

Dear Racers, get ready to the real adventure,

one of kind races that we guarantee maximum enjoyment & fierce competition..

let's go enjoying our second RallyCross  

its definitely  a great new event as always 

we provide a new ideas just to make RACERS  get all max power and feel the adventure in real ,,

its completely new different    Rallycross  its 

THE Adventure 

Talons RallyCross R 1 2018


prepare your vehicle well it will be not easy ,,, as usual -- 2 layout 

FIA  RALLY vehicle

Non FIA RALLY vehicle    

THE SAME AS Talons RallyCross 2017 but in different area 

please : chose your application to join 



we have started our first race organization in summer 2017

it was 

Talons RallyCross 2017 

the adventure 

located in Alexandria - king mariot - kortoba village 

thanks god it was the first race but in same time it was amazing ,,

more of Egyptian rally champions joined that rally 

and really they felt the power and adventure 


the main new idea is to make 2 layout in the same race 

1- for  FIA  RALLY PREPARED CARS  - in its hard layout and full rally categories 

2- NON FIA cars and to be driven

an easy way , layout ,  

                            obstacle area
in order to provide and get more of rally lovers and beginners 
                    then to upgrade them-self 
                           race after race 
              and that is the Talons Academy target